This semester I was assigned to complete a digital project in my digital studies course here at the University of Mary Washington. For my final project, I decided to create an infographic. This was my first time attempting to create an infographic. I used Canva for a short time and decided that I felt using a different application would be more beneficial for a first-time creator. One of my classmates referred me to use Adobe Spark and I found this application to be a lot easier to use. The only difficulty that I had with Adobe Spark was being able to create an infographic out of multiple pages. I used a photo collage to make my pages cohesively flow together on my blog. My topic for the infographic focused on why UMW students should use reusable water bottles. I enjoyed researching this topic, I decided to include information on the health benefits/effects of using different types of reusable bottles. The last touch that I made to my project to make this project more specific to UMW was creating a Google survey with Google Forms. I sent out out the survey to the Comm & DGST social media pages which I had the pleasure of running this semester to gather information about what type of bottle UMW students use the most. In my digital studies class, we focused on ethics this semester and how to ethically use such rapidly changing technology. During this project, I made sure that I considered this topic with the information that I chose to include as well as how I presented my citations. I hope that you enjoy viewing this project that I created, thank you for visitng my page!