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Hello Friends! This week in my digital storytelling class we were assigned to be focusing on audio. In this assignment, I was asked to create a 10-30 second radio bumper. A radio bumper is what you hear in between songs when you are listening to a radio station. I wanted to relate this to my character that I created for this class, Agent Petrie. My character lives in Hawaii so she would be listening to a station located in Hawaii. To keep up with my theme my bumper starts with a crashing wave. I then end my bumper with announcing that the listener is tuning into Beach 101.7. For me this assignment was easier because I got to use Audacity, an editing app on my laptop. I recorded the sound of a crashing wave and then I recorded my voice saying the name of the station. Once I was done I exported my file as an MP3. I then took my file and uploaded it to SoundCloud which was an easy process. I will link down below a way to download Audacity, enjoy my radio bumper! I hope to hear it later this week on ds106 radio!

Here is the download for LAME MP3, this allows you to export files from Audacity as an MP3.


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