Agent Laura Petrie’s Recruit’s #FinalProject #DS106

Hello #DS106! Here is my final project:

My story is represented through three different types of media, design, video, and photography. Laura Petrie is getting older, she had reached the point of her career where it is time to consider retirement. Over the years as a teacher, Laura took notice of students that she felt would be good agents one day. It took a little bit of work but Agent Petrie pulled some strings and tracked down the students she took notice of. Laura created some personal invitations and sent them out to each agent, you can see what the invites looked like because I have one embedded above. On the invite, it says “You have joined DS106.” So what is DS106? This is a spy school, the name it is mostly referred to is the University of Mary Washington. The new agent recruits came to the school, I embedded images above so you could see the entrance of the school, the dining hall, and the building that they learn in. The agents were taught how to become agents for one year. During this year Agent Petrie accompanied instructors to help teach from her experiences over the years. The new recruits learned how to use different spy gear, they learned how to fight, etc. After one year they went outside of the U.S. to accomplish their first mission. I have a trailer to embedded as well as the documentary that was made in spite of their heroic efforts. During their mission one of the recruits was able to remain free from being kidnapped from the others, she was able to save her fellow agents and defeat the DKC from getting away with riches. Agent Petrie was proud of her recruits, she is now retired. She enjoyed her time with DS106 and wishes them luck as they continue their efforts in further missions.

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