Agent Petrie Retires #Final Summary #DS106

Hello #DS106, I am here to discuss my final project and reflect on it. For my assignment, I decided to write a story about Agent Petrie, my character and her journey to retirement. Laura finds new recruits for the DS106 program and recruits them, I also discuss their first mission. Since this class is about *DIGITAL storytelling I decided to use three different forms of media to tell my story. I used design, photography, and video to write my story. I used Canva to design the invite that Agent Petrie uses to recruit her agents and that is a tool I used a lot in this class. I enjoy using Canva because I feel like my posters always end up looking very professional. When I wrote my story I wanted to show the school that the recruits went to so I used my knowledge of photography to take pictures of UMW. I focused on the angle, lighting, etc. For my videos, I used iMovie and ClipGrab to get the videos that I wanted off of YouTube. I did not initially plan on making a teaser for my project but I ended up really liking the mini-movie that I had made when I was deciding what I wanted to do, so I shared it. I really enjoyed using iMovie when we focused on making videos in class so I knew that this would be one of the types of media that I used. The only thing that I wish I had done differently was that I wish I had shared the teaser with the class during week 13 which I would have if it was done by that time. I have enjoyed this project and class I have become more digitally fluent than I was coming into the course. I think that this project really ties the course together because I had to use the knowledge that I gained over the semester to complete the project. I hope that you all enjoyed the media that I created for you! I look forward to looking at what everyone else posted. It has been a great semester working with you #DS106; I am glad that I took this course!

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