“Keep It Balanced” #DesignBlitz #DS106

Hello! I am here to post my last design blitz example, as I have mentioned before my class is studying design this week and we are looking at the characteristics of it. For my last post I decided to look at balance in design, this means that the image follows our idea of structure. When I say this I mean that the image has enough in it to look strong and weighed down. This can be hard to explain so I found an image that included a quote from one of my favorite authors, Lysa Teurkest. In this photo, you can see a big quote with a plain white background and a plant. If we were to take out the plant the image would look plain and empty. The plant adds a nice look to it but I also think it would have been more effective to have a blurred out plant on the left, making it look farther back than the quote. To me the photo looks slightly balanced, I feel the text looks like it is clinging to the right side because there is nothing on the left side to balance it. This design example is somewhat effective, but could be better.

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