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Hey DS106! I am here to talk about another design assignment bank that I created. This assignment bank puts me at 10.5/12 stars for the week so I have one more assignment coming to you all. This challenge encouraged me to make a billboard but about something that people do that annoy me. I decided to make this assignment to be related to my spy character. Agent Petrie was recently in VA for a top secret mission and she saw this billboard when she was driving. She really liked it so she wanted to share the idea with Hawaii drivers. For the process of this design project, I kept in mind the characteristic of being minimalistic with the design. I had a small space and I needed to keep it simple so people can drive past it and still understand what I was saying. I was unfamiliar with GIMP and I actually had trouble downloading the software so I found this website: https://www.passiton.com  

Online it allows you to create a design for a billboard, however, I did have trouble saving it to my laptop so I took a picture of my billboard to show you all. It was pretty easy to make the design I chose a template and then wrote what I wanted to say. I found an image on Google and uploaded it to the billboard and it was done! I tried to keep the billboard balanced with color choice, image and big text style. I think this is effective, I would love to see what everyone else came up with!

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