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Hello Everyone, I am here to start off the week 12 in digital storytelling 106. Our first assignment for the week was to create a tutorial for an assignment of our choice to share with future ds106. I chose to do a tutorial on an assignment from last week, the DS106 commercial. My tutorial will be below this post, I chose to use text and images because I felt this would be the best way to convey this information.

So to get started on your class commercial you should have an idea of what you want to feature from the class. I know that our class has a spy theme to it so I wanted to feature my favorite spy, Perry the Platypus. I decided to use iMovie for this assignment so if you have a Mac I highly suggest that you consider using iMovie. I created a new project under the option to make a trailer. I then needed to find a way to get a clip to use that featured Perry the Platypus. I found a video to use on YouTube and I used ClipGrab to get my video to use in iMovie. Once you download the application to your computer and you open it all you have to do is insert the URL from the video that you want to grab. ClipGrab will find the video and then you have to download it and import the video from your saved file to your iMovie workspace. Once you have the video in your workspace you can fill in the storyboard for your trailer. This means you can type in what you want the transitions to say. You also will see the empty boxes where you will fill the videos. To fill the videos into the boxes you click on the empty box and then go to your clip. You have the option to go through the entire clip that you uploaded and once you find a good spot just click. By clicking the spot in the video that you found you have chosen that 30-sec clip to play during that part of the storyboard. Once you have finished filling your storyboard you have finished your commercial! Make sure at the end you give credit to any sources that were used. Below I have pictures of the process to help show you. Good luck!

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