Looking Ahead #MissionRemix #DS106

Hello Everyone! One of the assignments that we had this week was to post our ideas for missions. Last week I posted that I thought it would be fun to design posters that advertised our class for future ds106 agents. I was thinking it would be fun to use our agents in the posters too. I think that remixing this idea we could make this into a bigger project that would ideally take two weeks to put together. I personally enjoy creating marketing tools so I suggest a big design project using your favorite forms of media to create videos, posters, etc. with your characters in mind to advertise the class. I really enjoyed using iMovie, and Canva this semester so I have some ideas of what I could do already. We could put together different tools that Professor Bond could post to his blog to get more people interested in the class.

2 thoughts on “Looking Ahead #MissionRemix #DS106

  1. I love this idea! I also really enjoyed using Canva this semester so incorporating graphic design into our final assignment would be really fun!

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